Agriculture in Japan plays a significant role and contributes approximately 1.4% of the national GDP. Japan has the highest level of crop output per unit area in the world and a total agricultural self-sufficiency ratio of approximately 50% on less than 14 million acres of cultivated land. Manufacturing industry in Japan is the most diversified with various advanced industries which are exceedingly successful. The manufacturing industry in the country accounts for about 24% of the country’s GDP, and most manufacturing industries are concentrated in Kanto region that surrounds the city of Tokyo and the Kansai region which surround the city of Osaka. Other important industries in Japan include fishing, tourism, mining and petroleum exploration as well as the service industry which accounts for approximately three-quarters of the total output in the economy. The major players in the service industry include real estate, insurance, retailing, banking, telecommunication and transport, and some of the major players in the industry include companies such as Mitsubishi Estate, Mitsui Sumitomo, Mizuho, NTT, Softbank Japan airlines, and Nomura among many others.

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