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In China, typical dishes include fried rice, jiaozi (filed dumplings), potstickers, noodles, kung pao chicken, hot pot, and many other popular dishes ( Food is predominantly eaten with chopsticks and “a wide flat-bottomed spoon” in typical Asian culture. Seafood, a common plate served in Chinese culture, is usually served complete as one fish. Each person will have their own bowl of steamed or fried rice and they will serve from communal plate.

Peking roasted duck is another famous Chinese dish that is commonly enjoyed in Beijing. It is known for its savoy flavors and is often eaten with pancakes and other side dishes and sauces. Wontons, a common food for Chinese people to eat on the winter solstice, is a boiled and deep-friend food that contains a meat and some vegetables. This is also commonly served as an appetizer or starter.

In Chinese culture, there are many beverages and alcohols that Chinese people can’t live without that range from hard alcohol to beer to tea’s. One of the most popular beers is Sinkiang Black Beer, more commonly known as Xianjing black Beer which comes from northwest China (CNN). It is known for a sweet brown-sugar-like taste, similar to a lager. Popular hard alcoholic drinks typically contain high levels of ethanol. These drinks are typically 30% alcohol content and are very similar to an American vodka.



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