The hottest topic in technology today is 5G. It’s a lightning-speed technology that will change the way we consume content and interact with the digital world.

While many companies are leading the way in 5G, China has become one of the first homes to a 5G experience beginning in Tian’anmen Square in Beijing. A historical and political spot, the square is now the first “Smart Square” thanks to a Beijing branch of China Unicom.

This experience skims the surface of what we can expect brands, cities, and consumers to do with 5G technology, but China is showing that it’s ready to go.

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The race to 5G clearly demonstrates China is among the leaders in technology and the Chinese legal system is keeping up. In late February the Supreme People’s Court issued a guideline on judicial reform for the next five years that said courts nationwide should make better use of technologies, including big data and artificial intelligence, to serve litigants. This effort is to roll out over five years.

This is an effort to be more convenient for litigants, but the guidelines state cases are still the judge’s sole responsibility and that no one is to interfere.

There will be also three special courts for cases of intellectual property.

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