In the very fluid and ever-changing world market, American and Chinese politics have reached an equilibrium for what looks like the near future. In the last two weeks, American leadership has confirmed their support of trade between China and the United States and have confirmed that they will not be imposing any new tariffs on products exported and imported from China.

With that said, Apple, a major manufacturer in China, is facing some uncertainty as Chinese purchases of Apple products have been trending downwards over the last quarter. Per Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, “the slump reflects a broader slowdown of the Chinese economy as the consequences of the ongoing trade dispute between China and the United States begin to manifest” (CNN). Due to recent trade tariffs, prices for China-imported products have increased and demand has decreased. With over $200 Billion of recent tariffs on Chinese imported products, the relationship between the United States and China is strained. This is affecting not only the Chinese economy, but also the Chinese work force. It is expected that the Chinese market will see struggles with the American markets over the next months and years as the relations continue to work themselves out.


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