Apple in the China Market

In the very fluid and ever-changing world market, American and Chinese politics have reached an equilibrium for what looks like the near future. In the last two weeks, American leadership has confirmed their support of trade between China and the United States and have confirmed that they will not be imposing any new tariffs on products exported and imported from China. With that said, Apple, a major manufacturer in China,

China Food and Beverage

In China, typical dishes include fried rice, jiaozi (filed dumplings), potstickers, noodles, kung pao chicken, hot pot, and many other popular dishes ( Food is predominantly eaten with chopsticks and “a wide flat-bottomed spoon” in typical Asian culture. Seafood, a common plate served in Chinese culture, is usually served complete as one fish. Each person will have their own bowl of steamed or fried rice and they will serve from


Nominication It is probably more common to drink with your coworkers in Japan than it is in the US. In fact, it can be an unspoken rule in some companies. Many of them consider dining and drinking after work to be an important way to enhance relationships between coworkers and even with superiors. This part of the culture is so common that it has its own name – nomikai or nominication

“Escape the Corset”

Women are protesting the restrictive beauty standards set on by Korea’s deeply patriarchal culture. South Korea is the 8th largest cosmetic market in the world and represents nearly 3% of the global market. In 2018, the market is estimated at $16.68 billion. In Korea, this is a market that includes both males and females. South Korea has been at the forefront when it comes to beauty and beauty standards: skincare


Kimchi is a fermented vegetable dish that has become a staple in almost all Korean cuisine and considered to be the national dish of Korea. The existence of kimchi has been found dated as far back as the Three Kingdoms (37BC – 7AD). During the winter months, kimchi was prepared by placing in traditional brown ceramic pots (onggi) and buried underground to start the fermentation process. There are numerous versions

Korean Holidays

Korean Holidays Four Major National HolidaysSeollal (Lunar New Year’s Day)According to the Korean Visitors Agency, Seollal, the 1st day of the Korean Lunar Calendar, is the most celebrated traditional holiday in Korea. Although January 1st, New Year’s Day is a holiday, Seollal is much more significant with people taking several days off from work to travel to their hometowns to be with their families. Dano (Spring Festival)People wish for good

President Moon’s Ally Convicted of Influencing Public Opinion

Kim Kyoung-soo, governor of Gyeongsang Province, was convicted on January 30, 2019 of using internet tactics to illegally influence the public’s opinion of President Moon Jae-in before his election. Mr. Kim was a key ally to President Moon, who campaigned for the presidency as a clean politician, denouncing the the very schemes sending Mr. Kim to prison for two years. There is no evidence that President Moon had knowledge of