China: Connecting the world, keeping values and progressing into 2025 like no other region

China has been in the news for many reasons lately. Here is a quick run down with links to some sources and more in-depth articles. The traditional Chinese thinking and planning is done with 100’s of years in sight. The China 2025 lists Information Technology, Robotics and Green Energy & Green Vehicles as the top three industries as the key government focus. The picture below depicts the routes of the

Apple is Falling Closer to the Tree in China

Apple Inc. is building its first data center in the Southwest Chinese province named Guizhou. The data center will contain a data center building, a transformer substation of 110 KV, and an auxiliary facility, which are expected to be fully functioning by the end of 2020. The data center is 67 hectares, or 7 million square feet and construction costs are expected to reach $1 billion! The data center is

China 996 Work-Life Balance

Typically, Chinese culture has supported a “work hard” lifestyle in which most Chinese people work from 9am-9pm, 6 days per week. Specifically in the tech industry, many programmers have tended to work substantially more than this each week. This grew up in the early 2000’s as the tech industry in China started to expand. Independent labor unions have until recently been banned in China. A recent movement focused on empowering

Corporate culture in Shanghai

As we travel to do business in Asian countries, it is important that we note the differences in business culture from country to country. Of course we know the famous example of the two-handed business card receipt, but some values that not as notable in the US business culture will prove important during our business interactions abroad. We have also discussed the importance of relationship. While we will not be

China digitizes at lightning speed

The hottest topic in technology today is 5G. It’s a lightning-speed technology that will change the way we consume content and interact with the digital world. While many companies are leading the way in 5G, China has become one of the first homes to a 5G experience beginning in Tian’anmen Square in Beijing. A historical and political spot, the square is now the first “Smart Square” thanks to a Beijing

Introduction to the Chinese culture

On February 05, 1979, Premier Deng Xiao took a flight to US. This visit was soon after he succeeded Mao Zedong and prepared to built China as the world knows today. While in US, he met with then President Jimmy Karter and also window-shopped latest technologies in US such as oil-drilling equipment and space technology. 1979 marked an important year as it integrated the two historically conflicting parties – the