Japan vs. korea

There is currently a fresh spat between Japan and Korea over whether Japan will participate in multilateral naval exercises set to take place off Busan in late April – amid renewed hostility over Japan’s past colonisation of the Korean peninsula. Tokyo and Seoul have sparred over decisions in South Korea’s top court requiring two of Japan’s biggest firms to pay compensation to Koreans forced into labour during Japan’s 1910-45 colonial

ASEAN and Japan to ink revamped economic pact in March

The economic pact will liberalize the investment and service fields, completing a deal that took effect over a decade ago. Negotiations for the ASEAN Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership (AJCEP) began in 2005. The elimination of tariff barriers to trade in goods began to gradually take effect in 2008, while issues related to opening up investment and service fields were tabled. In Myanmar, where liberalization lags, the completion of AJCEP will

Rugby World Cup and 2020 Olympics

Japan has been attempting to make the country more tourist friendly. An onsen video for example is created in anticipation of the 40 million foreign visitors expected during the Games, Japan is outfitting its fleet of bullet trains with Wi-Fi and launching a 24/7 multilingual support center; bilingual road signs are being rolled out across the country as well. Japan, a nation that has barely eked out a single year

Bitcoin and Japan

Japanese are cash centric and Credit Card use never really took off The Japanese economy is yet to recover from the real estate market collapse of 1989-90. The Plaza Accord put in force by the Reagan Government further exacerbated the situation. In one swipe, their once flourishing real estate market took a hit and their exports shrunk because of the expensive Yen. As a result of economic downturns and government