Introduction to the Chinese culture

On February 05, 1979, Premier Deng Xiao took a flight to US. This visit was soon after he succeeded Mao Zedong and prepared to built China as the world knows today. While in US, he met with then President Jimmy Karter and also window-shopped latest technologies in US such as oil-drilling equipment and space technology. 1979 marked an important year as it integrated the two historically conflicting parties – the

Apple in the China Market

In the very fluid and ever-changing world market, American and Chinese politics have reached an equilibrium for what looks like the near future. In the last two weeks, American leadership has confirmed their support of trade between China and the United States and have confirmed that they will not be imposing any new tariffs on products exported and imported from China. With that said, Apple, a major manufacturer in China,

China Food and Beverage

In China, typical dishes include fried rice, jiaozi (filed dumplings), potstickers, noodles, kung pao chicken, hot pot, and many other popular dishes ( Food is predominantly eaten with chopsticks and “a wide flat-bottomed spoon” in typical Asian culture. Seafood, a common plate served in Chinese culture, is usually served complete as one fish. Each person will have their own bowl of steamed or fried rice and they will serve from